Our Team


Medical Staff:

Mr Glyn Evans

Glyn is a Consultant Knee Surgeon on the GMC specialist register for trauma and orthopaedics.

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Knee Fellows:

London Knee Clinic provides learning opportunities for doctors specialising in orthopaedic surgery, with a special interest in knee surgery. Our knee fellows are with the clinic for varying periods of between one and twelve months during which time they sit in and assist during consultations and assist the consultants during knee operations.

Our most recent Knee Fellow, Mr Syed Hasan, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon trained in Ireland spent six months working with us with a major research interest in Gait Analysis. He validated a new system of Gait Analysis and also carried out a detailed audit of our work. Mr Hasan is now working as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon In Saudi Arabia.

Between 2008 and 2009, Mr Senthil Kamalasekaran, an experienced surgeon with an MS in Orthopaedics, joined London Knee Clinic for one year to gain further experience in aspects of knee surgery. He was involved in several research projects including our Gait Analysis project which has led to a number of publications.

There are continuing opportunities for doctors wishing to expand their understanding of knee surgery to join London Knee Clinic as and when Knee Fellowship posts arise. 

Please address all enquiries regarding this to glyn.evans@londonkneeclinic.com.


We have on-site availability of inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy to cater for all your requirements; either as the main modality of treatment or in conjunction with surgical treatment, before and after surgical intervention. We also work with, and have links with, numerous independent physiotherapists specialising in the treatment of knee problems in many areas of the UK. If you have a physiotherapist of your own choice, or closer to where you live, we are happy to refer and liaise with him/her and to send all details of the diagnosis, clinical assessment, operation details and post-operative care.


Practice Manager:

Carole Segger is our Practice Manager and has worked with us since the clinic began; she has overall responsibility for the running of the clinic. She has many years of experience as a medical secretary and practice manager and has worked previously within the NHS and in the private sector. Carole is your first point of contact and she will explain what London Knee Clinic has to offer you. She will oversee everything from the booking of your first appointment, through arranging any scans you may need to organising your operation, and any other treatment or investigations you may require. Carole also deals with the accounts. Contact Carole on 020 7407 3069 or carole@lkcadmin.com

Business Development:

Sue Evans is our Business Development Manager.  Sue is a trained nurse who has worked in senior management and has extensive experience of working in both the NHS and the private healthcare sector.  She has worked in the UK and overseas, including working as a Director of Nursing for a private hospital in the Middle East, where she also sat on the Board of Directors. Sue is responsible for marketing, patient information and social media. 

GP Liaison:

We liaise with GPs and Physiotherapy Practices and are more than happy to receive telephone enquiries at any time with regard to individual patients. We regularly visit GP and Physiotherapy Practices for postgraduate lectures, to book a visit please contact carole@lkcadmin.com for available dates.